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Exhibit shows are the most cost-effective and efficient way for suppliers to find new customers, showcase new products, and speed up the selling cycle. Making sure that your tactical execution matches your business goals is critical to ensure the “right buyers” visit your trade show or convention booth and to contain costs.
Checkin at the Trade Show

The "Second Show"

The most vital piece of any trade show marketing campaign is the “Second Show” – any opportunity to engage your clients outside of show floor hours and other scheduled conference activities. Managing the logistics of those private events is another added layer to the exhibitor’s already full plate but an integral part of networking and developing new relationships.

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5 Reasons

You Should Engage an Exhibit Management Partner

For many industries, conventions and exhibit shows are extremely important. These face-to-face networking events allow you to meet with clients and potential customers, make connections with industry insiders, and scope out the competition in one place.

The events are full of tricky choices: will a bigger booth space help you stand out, or alienate your perfect client? How do you keep your interactions memorable? Here’s how having an Exhibit Management Partner can help.


We handle scheduling, prep, and logistics, making your trade show experience stress-free!


We know what works - our exhibition experience gives you the edge over your competition.


We’ll recommend the add-ons that make the most impact, and help you avoid needless expenses.


We’re expert problem solvers - so you can count on us to work around obstacles.


We can handle all your branding and booth swag - so you can focus on making connections.

Take the stress out of trade shows, expos, and conventions